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Inspection is a very important first step in the proper maintenance process.  The inspection will determine if the unit requires any service. In addition to your own monthly inspection, the qualified technicians at Atlantic Fire & Safety can take care of that annual maintenance inspection on fire extinguishers.  Remember that properly working fire extinguisher equipment can save lives.

We inspect:

  • Fire extinguishers – Dry chemical, CO2, Class K, Pressurized Water, Wheeled Units
    • Bring them to our shop and save.
    • We can provide an annual inspection service for larger commercial sites.
  • Cylinders – SCUBA, SCBA, Cascade Tanks
    • Visuals, and VisPlus inspections for aluminum tanks       
  • Emergency Lighting

Recharge / Maintenance

Keeping your fire extinguishing equipment properly maintained is just as important as owning it. Proper maintenance will help to insure that your fire extinguishing equipment will work as it should, when required.

AFS strives to give top notch service in a timely manner. Our technicians, who are licensed by the Province of NB – Department of Public Safety, use the NFPA-10 as a guide to assess and perform required maintenance. Proper maintenance will help to insure that your fire extinguisher will work as it should, when required.

We take pride in our work and will warranty our recharge service.

Service Warranty – AFS will warranty their recharge service of “metal headed” hand portable fire extinguishers for one year from the date of service; provided the tamper seal is intact and there is no visible signs of abuse on the exterior of the unit. If a fire extinguisher, that we serviced, leaks down in pressure, within one year, we will recharge it at no cost, excluding parts.
If requested, AFS will recharge “plastic headed” fire extinguishers, if we have the proper connections, but WILL NOT WARRANTY service on these types of extinguishers under any condition.

AFS makes no warranty for losses incurred due to units failing to perform.

We do Maintenance & Recharges on:

  • Fire extinguisher-Dry chemical, Class K, CO2, Pressurized Water, Wheeled Units
  • CO2 cylinders

Regular maintenance, including testing is a must!  Be proactive in protecting your family, property, workers, equipment and investment; visit us at AFS and let us help you keep your fire extinguishing equipment in good working order.

Hydro-Testing – Low Pressure and High Pressure

Pressurized cylinders require hydro-testing at regular intervals.  This test process checks the integrity of the metal cylinder. During this process, the cylinder is emptied, filled with water; the cylinder is then pressurized to check for weakness in the metal.  If it passes the testing it is then labeled and or stamped, dried, filled; ready to be put back into service.

  • Fire Extinguishers
    • Dry Chemical, Class K, and pressurized water fire extinguishers undergo a low-pressure hydro-testing. Dry chemical is tested in 12 year cycles while pressurized water and class K are tested in 5 year cycles.
    • CO2 fire extinguishers undergo high pressure hydro-testing in 5-year cycles.
  • Cylinders requiring high pressure hydro-testing, such as SCBA, SCUBA, CO2, Cascade tanks are done in 3-5 year cycles; this is done in a safety tank.

Failed Hydro-test

You can see where this CO2 cylinder, with 4mm thick steel walls, split after being pressurized during the hydro-test procedure.  The extinguisher was manufactured in 1952 and had not been tested until 1994.  If this CO2 extinguisher had been tested in proper intervals of 5 years, it would have shown signs of metal fatigue sooner, and failed the hydro-test without exploding.

Fortunately, this occurred in the safety of the test tank out of harms’ way.

Visual Plus

Visual Plus uses eddy currents to thoroughly inspect the threaded neck region of some aluminum cylinders.  As the electrical current flows through the metal, Visual Plus measures tiny fluctuations in the electrical current and can detect the smallest imperfections.

So, by using Visual Plus, we are able to detect cylinder flaws that other inspection methods, that only use the naked eye, sometimes miss or wrongly diagnose.  Visual Plus allows us to provide superior cylinder inspections of aluminum cylinders.

This inspection process is done in conjunction with regular hydro-testing.

Beverage CO2 Fills

Beverage CO2 fills are done here on site; often while you wait.