Available and ready to go, our quality fire extinguishers will keep you and your property safe on the job, in the workplace and at home. In addition to regulatory compliant first aid kits, we stock all the items for restocking. Personal protection items keep you safe on the job. Commercial products keep your business running safely. Check with us – we might just find what you are looking for. Delivery times will depend on availability from the supplier.

Fire Protection
First Aid Kits and Supplies
Personal Protection
Industrial / Commercial

Fire Protection

The family car, your home, your place of business, the server room, commercial kitchen or your industrial operation each require different types of fire protection.  We keep a good stock of the commonly required hand portable fire extinguishers all charged up and ready to go; in a good range of sizes to meet your fire protection needs. We can help supply the right product to do the job right.

  • Hand portable fire extinguishers – Dry Chemical, CO2, Class K, Pressurized Water
  • Fire Extinguisher Related Products – Cabinets, replacement fronts, covers, heavy duty vehicle brackets, signage
  • Forestry-Back-pack Pump Tanks & Parts

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First Aid Kits and Supplies

CSA compliant first aid kits for the workplace and supplies to keep them compliant are regular stock items.  We also keep portable eyewash stations and eyewash solution on hand.  For the job site, office, sick room, sports field, daycare, home – we have what you need.

Personal Protection

Keeping yourself or your workers properly protected on the job is just good sense.  The right equipment for the job results in fewer accidents, more efficient work environment and happier employees.  Check AFS out for all your personal protection needs.

  • Hard Hats & liners
  • Eye Protection
  • Ear Protection
  • Respirator Protection
  • Traffic Vests

Industrial / Commercial Products

We have a little of this, a little of that, and access to a wide variety of items related to the safety of your business and of your employees.  Check out AFS for your “on the job” safety related needs.

  • Emergency Exit Lighting & Batteries
  • Spill Response Kits
  • Signs, Floor Marking Tape, Caution Tape, Grit Tape