certifiedAtlantic Fire & Safety technicians are trained, certified and licensed by the Province of NB – Department of Public Safety for our service of hand portable fire extinguishers.

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Got Questions?

faqs2We've assembled a few good questions we get from our customers.  Got another question?  Send us off an e-mail and one of our qualified technicians will get back to you.  We love to share.

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Available and ready to go, our quality fire extinguishers will keep you and your property safe on the job, in the workplace and at home.  In addition to regulatory compliant first aid kits, we stock all the items for restocking.  Personal protection items such as gloves, respiratory, rain gear, disposable coveralls, fall arrest harness, traffic vests and eye and hearing protection; keep you safe on the job.  Commercial products such as matting, hoses, spill kits, lock out systems, signage and off-road fire suppression systems; keep your business running safely.  Check with us-we might just find what you are looking for.  Delivery times will depend on availability from the supplier.