certifiedAtlantic Fire & Safety technicians are trained, certified and licensed by the Province of NB – Department of Public Safety for our service of hand portable fire extinguishers.

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faqs2We've assembled a few good questions we get from our customers.  Got another question?  Send us off an e-mail and one of our qualified technicians will get back to you.  We love to share.

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What is that “collar” around the neck of my fire extinguisher? I noticed it there after I had it serviced.

collarThis is called the “Verification of Service” collar and is required by NFPA-10.  This is a close fitted “collar” that is installed after the “head” or top of the fire extinguisher is removed and service performed.  It should fit, as a solid ring; it cannot be installed or removed while the extinguisher is assembled.  Information on the collar will tell you when and by whom the service was done; a very useful indicator of service quality.

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