certifiedAtlantic Fire & Safety technicians are trained, certified and licensed by the Province of NB – Department of Public Safety for our service of hand portable fire extinguishers.

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Got Questions?

faqs2We've assembled a few good questions we get from our customers.  Got another question?  Send us off an e-mail and one of our qualified technicians will get back to you.  We love to share.

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The pull pin was removed but the gauge still reads in the “green”- should I test the extinguisher to see if it works?

No, do not test.  Carefully replace the pull pin where it should go and take it to a licensed fire extinguisher technician.  The technician will check to see if the unit has been discharged.  A unit that has been discharged (even a little) sometimes takes 2-3 days for it to lose the balance of its charge causing the gauge to show low pressure.  An extinguisher with no “pressure” in the unit, will not work-have it serviced.