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I have been told that I need a “2A10BC” fire extinguisher- what does this mean?

Each fire extinguisher is “rated” and stated on its label.  If you have been told that you need a fire extinguisher with a “2A-10BC” “rating” this would be the minimum requirement to comply.

These ratings are assigned by UL or ULC (an independent body) as a means of measuring the effectiveness of the unit, for each class/type of fire.

This “rating” will act as guide in selecting a suitable fire extinguisher for your situation.  You can determine from this “rating” that you require a multi-purpose (ABC) fire extinguisher.  When you check the label, you will find that most 5lb ABC fire extinguishers will meet or exceed this rating, where anything smaller-will not.  For example the rating “3A-10BC” will have a greater fire fighting capability than the rating “2A-10BC”, for class “A” fires-wood, paper, trash.