certifiedAtlantic Fire & Safety technicians are trained, certified and licensed by the Province of NB – Department of Public Safety for our service of hand portable fire extinguishers.

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Got Questions?

faqs2We've assembled a few good questions we get from our customers.  Got another question?  Send us off an e-mail and one of our qualified technicians will get back to you.  We love to share.

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Things to consider when purchasing a fire extinguisher:

  1. What are you protecting               
  2. Type of hazards or combustibles present
  3. Risk Factor – high, low
  4. In a building
       a) How many levels
       b) How much space
       c) Exits

The family car, your home, the server room, commercial kitchen or your industrial operation each may require specific types of extinguishers.  Select the extinguisher suitable for your hazard.

Each level of the building needs to be sufficiently protected.  Travel distance is not to exceed 75 feet for Class A fires (wood, paper, trash).  Consult a trained technician.