certifiedAtlantic Fire & Safety technicians are trained, certified and licensed by the Province of NB – Department of Public Safety for our service of hand portable fire extinguishers.

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Hand Portable Fire Extinguisher - Maintenance

Brief summary – does not replace NFPA-10

Inspection – (monthly)

1.    Check that the fire extinguisher is properly secured on/in bracket.
2.    Check that there is no sign of tampering. (pin secured with tamper seal)
3.    Check for obstruction in nozzle.
4.    Check that tag on fire extinguisher is current – inspected annually by an authorized firm.

Extinguishers with gauges - also:

5.    Check fire extinguishers gauge – arrow indicates operable range.
6.    Check gauge for moisture-gauges with moisture should be replaced.

Dry chemical extinguishers - you should also:

7.    Invert extinguisher – keeps powder loose.

Maintenance Inspection

To be done annually by a qualified technician, more frequently if conditions warrant.

  • All steps listed for monthly inspection plus…
  • Check for last service date and manufacturer date to determine if maintenance is required.

Maintenance Required:

Dry Chemical    

-Hydrostatic test every 12 years
-6yr maintenance -max. time since last internal inspection/service.


-Hydrostatic test every 5 years
-Continuity test of hose annually
-Weigh unit annually

Pressurized Water, Wet Chemical (Class K)

-Hydrostatic test every 5 years
-Replace agent at time of hydrostatic test

  • Check all units for exterior damage and rust; extensive exterior damage may require that the hydrostatic testing be done sooner.
  • Check for proper labels, WHIMIS or verification of service collar if internal servicing was required.
  • Tamper seal is to be replaced yearly; operate the pull pin checking for ease of use.

NOTE: After any use of fire extinguisher – always have extinguisher serviced.